Mission Statement

The Push Pops are a radical, transnational queer feminist art collective. Geared toward engendering ‘Embodied Feminism,’ Go! Push Pops employs the female body – that which is bound to a cross-cultural language of desire, signification and power – in tactical, ideological strategy. Go! Push Pops utilize gesture, exclamation and popular idiom to embody a new age discursive physicality interfacing with the ancient archetypal realm. Neo-Dada, Fluxist and Feminist, their performance work posits the body as a danger to the operation of reason and patriarchal economy of lack. A wild leap, an elusive slogan, a paroxysm of the flesh – The Push Pops reinscribe the body through participatory ritual, spontaneous performance and interactive multi-media installation.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Cold Womb featuring recent work by the Push Pop Collective will open at Local Project this Saturday July 2 at 7pm. In this unique exhibition, the Push Pops will exhibit for the very first time footage from their two most recent performative sculptures ’Block Watching’ and ’Imaginary Picnic’ as a 5-channel installation alongside physical relics and video documentation of selected past works. Free limited edition posters of all past projects will be available at the opening on a first come first serve basis. And don’t miss the secret interactive community event hosted by the Push Pops on July 16th (more details to come soon)!

Situated adjacent to the PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Cold Womb’s opening party corresponds with PS1’s very first Warm-Up of the season. Shake it off and jerk it cuz we got drinks, fierce ladies, and a DJ all day long!

Cold Womb

July 2-16, 2011

Open: Thursday to Sunday 4-8pm

Opening Party Sat. July 2, 7pm

Community Secret Event Sat. July 16, 7pm

at Local Project

45-10 Davis St.

Long Island City, Queens


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Monday, June 20, 2011

Imaginary Picnic was the Push Pop’s second official performative installation for the Figment Festival on Governor's Island. A Victorian themed outdoor tea party with liberal helpings of drama, magic and Dyonisian madness, Imaginary Picnic was a participatory emotional outward bound nestled under a big friendly tree. Surrounded by cardboard ice cream cones and odd shaped floating surrealist matter, Mistresses Minty, Pinky and Frosty read victoriously from artist manifestos of the early twentieth century to present including those of Dada, Surrealism, Neoism and Valerie Solanas’ S.C.U.M. among others. Knowledge is fuel and imagination is contagious suggests this cathartic spectacle in which The Pops guided visitors to reset their pleasure index and indulge in intellectual delicacies. A tree, a candy-coated rocking horse and three sassy tree-climbing orators helped wayward island goers plunge into our collective creative history and let their personality armor melt away.

Saturday, June 11, 2011



12 TO 5 PM


Come reset your pleasure index at Imaginary Picnic, the Push Pops' second official performative installation on Governor's Island. A Victorian themed outdoor tea time with liberal helpings of drama, magic and Dyonisian madness in a participatory emotional 'outward bound' nestled under a big friendly tree. Food is love and imagination is contagious suggests this cathartic spectacle in which Mistresses Minty, Pinky and Frosty guide visitors to indulge in invisible delicacies and let their personality armor melt away.

FIGMENT is an explosion of creative energy. It’s a free, annual celebration of participatory art and culture where everything is possible. For one weekend each summer, it transforms Governors Island into a large-scale collaborative artwork – and then it’s gone.

Governors Island, NYC… a free, short ferry-ride from lower Manhattan and Brooklyn!